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I become a crawling thing

Boxer knocked down, being counted out

I tried to do it all . . . and went down for the count

If you read the post A Spy Gets Me In From The Cold, you know I badgered my way onto a daily newspaper.

Finally, I had a steady income, and I got on-the-job training in being a copy editor.

Unfortunately, it all came to an end.

What’s that you ask?

Oh, not the newspapering.

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I give birth to a baby

Writer deep in thought

A desperate time calls for a desperate solution

If you read A Sharp Poke in the Eye, you know that I wound up in a sorry state after struggling to write great literature.

The $1,800 bankroll I had been living on for one year was collapsing like a bad lung.

This is when you are faced with two awful impending realities: eviction  . . . or . . . getting a real job.

What would you do? Apply for a job?

Uh, not me.

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