Yep, I’m working on a book.

It’s a Dog Adventure for adults.

What’s it about?

Here’s what I told literary agents when I went to the Writers Digest Conference in New York City:

“When an egotistical dog decides to become a hero, he messes up relationships, creates angry enemies and panics the U.S. government.”

What was their reaction?

More than one agent said, “I don’t do dogs.”

Well, neither do I. I’m just writing a novel about one.

Why is it for adults and not kids?

There’s some content that you definitely don’t want to be explaining to children.

Also, the story is chock full of references both cultural and historical, current and obscure, that only adults will get and appreciate.

Any other characteristics?

Humor, some of which is bathroom humor. Also, parodies. And plays upon words.

How is it progressing?

I thought what I wrote was fine when touting it in New York. Now, though, I’ve decided to go back through the manuscript and make the wording even better.

That’s called self-editing. Believe me, editing is the bane of a fiction writer.

There always seems to be another way to say or describe something. It’s like trying to comb the fleas out of a dog’s fur — every time you think you’re done, you spot another one.

Editing completed – 98%