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Driving Mr. Dad

Dad teaching teen how to drive

Maybe I could jiggle the steering wheel and he wouldn’t notice

One of the rites of passage is learning to drive.

When I made it through the driver training course at high school, my dad thought it was safe for him to get in a car with me in the driver’s seat.

Unfortunately, the car he chose was his Porsche.

Talk about being puffed-up over a possession.

He had special driving gloves and a slouchy English-style driving hat.

(For a German car, shouldn’t he have had one of those cuckoo clock hats with feathers sticking up?)

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Me and Billy the Kid

Writer with a retro typewriter

Yippee ki-yay! I was going to run down this Wild West story and ride it to the big time

As mentioned in I Become a Crawling Thing, for a while I used to be what’s called a freelancer.

Basically, you’re a journalistic tumbleweed. You roll around trying to find an editor to hire you for an assignment at whatever pitiful pay you can get.

Scrounging for dollars back in the day, I rolled into a chamber of commerce office with a big tip for the magazine editor. One of my relatives had other relatives who claimed that one of their kinfolk actually knew Billy the Kid, the legendary western gunslinger.

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I try to help a bully

1959 elementary classroom

This wasn’t my classroom, but it takes me back to that day

 Do you ever wonder about somebody from back in your school days . . .  and how they turned out?

I do.

Probably the one I’ve wondered about the most is Bub. A bully.


Because of what somebody said about him.

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