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How I write in the shower

Note pad in shower

Yes, I know, the handwriting in the photo isn’t the best, but that’s because I wrote these notes for my book while standing up in the shower.

Why would I do that?

Well, haven’t you ever had a great thought strike you when you’re all wet?

And then you’ve forgotten that brilliant idea by the time you got out?

Me, too.

In fact, I’ve had too many ideas for my writing go down the drain, so this is the solution I found — waterproof paper.

It absolutely works!

What’s that, you ask?

Nope, the pencil lead does not smear at all.

P.S. My handwriting has gotten better.

Now I can read it.


  1. Lisa

    I need waterproof paper! Great idea!

    • Phil Cobb

      Indeed, Lisa! That’s why I went searching for this solution.

  2. Victoria

    That’s awesome! I need to find something like that.

    • Phil Cobb

      Victoria, the maker sells it on its own website and on Amazon.

  3. Lissa Johnston

    Knowing your penchant for blog humor, I was not expecting this to be so literal. I used to get ideas in the shower. Now, for some unknown reason, they come to me while I’m brushing my teeth.

    • Phil Cobb

      Well, you can stick this to your mirror, Lissa.

  4. Peter Wright

    Waterproof paper is all very well . What watrproof pens do you use?

    • Phil Cobb

      No waterproof pens needed, Peter. It comes with a pencil. Looks like a normal pencil.

  5. Roland Denzel

    I’m going to get this

  6. Damyanti Biswas

    Wow, this is so interesting! I feel like I need one 🙂

  7. Sonia

    I totally love this idea. Though I must admit I often have ideas everywhere but in the bathroom or shower. Strangely enough the best brain sparks occur when I am on my way to the bathroom. E.g. going from bed, passing though the kitchen, where I’ll linger for a while for no apparent reason and that’s the moment when unusually bright, cohesive and powerful sentences pop in my head like mushrooms. Sadly, I often prioritise finishing the ‘trip’ so instead of grabbing my phone and putting it in email drafts I proceed to the original destination, i.e. bathroom, convincing myself every single time I surely am not as dumb to forget my brilliant little paragraph in the meantime. Obviously you must be laughing now because you probably know that by the time I set off in the reverse direction both are safely gone – the idea and the resolve to type anything. So this is perhaps a different kind of problem, probably procrastination? Or what would you label it? Either way, while I don’t consider myself a writer, just a hobbyist really, I do suffer when this happens and I also suffer from Too Many Ideas syndrome. Guess if my hobby was…..gardening …for example, this wouldn’t be happening at all. Awesome read as always;) I will consider getting something like that for the relevant inspiration spots in my flat. And thanks for stopping by on my blog.

    • Phil Cobb

      Too Many Ideas syndrome…probably better than no ideas.

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