Ready for some fun and follies on my attempt to write Great Literature . . . and then see the depth to which I finally sunk?

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in the above dropdown:

  • I Get Run Off the Ranch — My own relatives treat me like a cattle rustler.
  • A Sharp Poke in the Eye — What happened when I tried to write The Great American Novel.
  • I Give Birth to a Baby — Running out of options, I turned to schlock to save me.
  • A Flying Saucer Lands on Me — I square off with a publisher on who’s the real dumbass.
  • I’m Tagged as a Misfit — I thought my employment interviewer was going to have a stroke.
  • A Spy Gets Me in From the Cold — A double agent inflicts me on an unsuspecting newsroom.
  • I Become a Crawling Thing — As I toiled weak and weary, wondering if my goal to be an author was Nevermore, I found my answer about life and writing.