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Featured: “Wiping Blues” plus “Don’t Despair, Derriere”

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Have you ever been super excited to work on an idea or project?

I feel the same way now that I’m writing a book.

It’s a Dog Adventure for adults.

What’s it about?

Basically, a dog decides to be a hero, but he messes up relationships, creates angry enemies and panics the U.S. government.

Just go to “Books” above to find out more.

Also, this isn’t the first time I’ve written a novel.

What happened that first time?

Plenty. Even my relatives turned against me. See “I Get Run Off the Ranch” under the “Follies” heading above.

Anything else you got into?

You bet. For example, find out what happened when I was a kid and tried to help the school’s scariest bully. Look for that post under “Life’s Slices” above.