You can write . . .

. . . in the shower


I’m not kidding.

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Need a laugh?

Did your parents ever mess you up thinking that they were helping you?

My mother did teenage me wrong big-time as told in “Mom’s Bad Deed” which headlines my newsletter that is hot off the digital press.

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I was interviewed . . .

. . . by Peter Wright on his YouTube Yak-King channel about my humorous path to becoming a writer.

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Yak-King channel


I’ll tell you a story

What is it?

It’s a Dog Adventure.

For adults.

What’s it about?

Basically, a dog decides to be a hero, but he messes up relationships, creates angry enemies and panics the U.S. government.

To find out more, click Novel.

Also, this isn’t the first time I’ve written a novel.

What happened that first time?


Even my relatives turned against me.

It became a comedy of errors.

I’ve got a whole series about the mess.

Start with I Get Run Off the Ranch.

Anything else you got into?

You bet.

When I was a kid,  I tried to help the school’s scariest bully.

There’s lots more on my website.

Have fun.